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True Story

Haaave you met Ted? Right, Ted Mosby — that nice dorky guy who loooves to talk. Actually, he`s been talking practically non-stop for over *wait for it* nine years (Nine. Years.) recounting to his two teenage kids (Yeah, they`re still in their teens. After all these years. Always.) an epic story of how he met their mother. As you can see, this life changing event didn`t just happen overnight — Ted came a looong way from a nerdy graduate and a Star Wars geek to «the husband and father of the decade» and you will hear ALL about it. So, the story revolves around a group of friends who live in Manhattan and one can not really avoid a comparison with a LEGEN-wait for it-DARY TV show called… well, you`ve guessed it — «Friends». The main characters are rather close and spend a lot of time together hanging on… no, not The Central Perk but an Irish bar MacLaren`s. The five of them are pretty much like a family — talking with his kids Ted even calls his friends aunt Lily or uncle Barney like they are actually related which is sort of sweet…

Well, «sweet» is the main characteristics of Ted himself. Sweet and awkward. He is geniually good and always tries to be the nice guy which, weirdly enough, often leads to some absurd no-questions-asked situations. Ted is very much like Ross Geller from «Friends» only his obsession with architecture seems more… you know, normal than Ross`s love of dinosaurs. More mundane. At least his interest in beautiful buildings is something a lot of people can relate to. Ted might seem slightly idiotic in his romantic delusions but it`s hard to resist an attraction towards his pure and positive way of thinking and acting. And you can`t help it but cheer him all the way during his troublesome search for «The One». So, why «troublesome», you would ask. How hard could it be to find true love for such a great guy? If he is so romantic and homey, girls are probably all over him… Right? WRONG! He`s gonna have some serious Bertie-Wooster-style romance collisions and you-chose-it-wrong situations before the moment X but trust me on that — it`s gonna worth it cuz watching his misfortunes is kind of fun.

«Fun» is the second name of Barney Stinson. The first one is «AWESOME», of course. The natural awesomeness of this character is probably the main reason why this show is such a great success. Barney combines Joey`s horniness and Chandler`s abandonment issues, and all of this is multiplied and reflected by Neil Patrick Harris`s sparkling personality. This character is eccentric and childish, he is a man who «likes to create crazy situations and then sit back and watch it all go down.» Barney excels in creativity and not only in seducing bimbos with «daddy issues». He is bigger than life and waaay bigger than the show itself: his catchphrases are memetized and his books are actually published (Yeah, check it out. Buying «The Bro Code» now you save 40% off paperbacks.). Barney`s love story is also very romantic… in a weird kind of way. His wedding is almost as epic as his suit collection — it takes place in wait-for-it-twenty-something episodes during which we learn about Barney much more than we did before. The greatest mystery that troubled all the characters and viewers of HIMYM «What is he doing for a living?» is now revealed. Stay tuned. 

The other three aren`t as hilarious as Barney but they are still quiet amusing. The long lasting couple Marshall Erikson and Lily Aldrin serve as an inspiration for Ted to find his true love and independent Robin Scherbatsky brings some sass to the show. Although there are so many parallels with «Friends» the creators of this show, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, state that the characters were based loosely on them and try to differentiate some storylines by killing the intrigue from the very beginning. Nope, Robin isn`t «The One» and there won`t be another Rachel and Ross… and big NO to all your expectations to meet The Girl With The Yellow Umbrella before the very last season. HIMYM is all about friendship — it makes you feel warm and fuzzy, it makes you laugh, it makes you nostalgic. Perhaps you never travelled hundreds of kilometers just to buy pizza and I`m fairly sure that no one ever locked you in a postbox… then again you might have done even more bizarre things. Each of us has some wild memories of all the stupid stuff we did, some laughs to share, some experience to pass on. So… what`s your story?

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